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Mid Term Review Twenty Fifteen

Then came the most recent activity called Mid - Term review meeting at YMCA in Nairobi which attended and Closed with Happiness, hopes and high expectations from OLE implementing team.

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My Experience in Hagadera Camp

My name is Abdullahi Ali Mohamed, I lived in Hagadera for the last 22 years and have experienced so many different attitude towards life. I came to Hagadera camp while I was very young and cannot reme

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OLE Kenya YALI Challenge Underway

OLE Kenya launched the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Challenge program in Nairobi, Kenya the first week of May with support provided by the Public Affairs office of the US Embassy. The YALI

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YALI kilifi second stage

Launching of OLE - YALI challenge - Kilifi at Where Talent Lives Youth Group offices in the presence of all the Head teachers and Chairpersons of parents in all the 15 public primary schools in Mnaran

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YALI kilifi third stage

Visiting the first school called Mnarani Primary School which is the closest to our office. The guy in spectacles is the Head Teacher who was very happy when OLE visited his school.

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